The implemented project impresses with its scale, quality and efficiency. The project, which was very difficult to implement, consisted of transporting boilers with a weight of 85,000 kg / each, it was necessary to overcome about 7,200 km. the Journey started from the Bosch plant in Gunzenhausen (Germany), with transportation to the port in Rota, and then they were taken by swimming through the channel to Rotterdam (the Netherlands), and from there to St. Petersburg (Russia), after which they went to the city of Shymkent (Kazakhstan). There were a lot of difficulties on the way, because of their height (about five meters), sometimes it was necessary to temporarily dismantle power lines. Difficult weather conditions, as transportation was carried out during the winter months, the roads were partially covered with snow and ice. But thanks to an experienced team and well-coordinated work, the boilers reached their destination safely in 8 weeks. Since then, they have been installed there, and the first two have already been put into operation by the Bosch service Department. 

The next task was to install these boilers. Our specialists unloaded five 86-ton BOSCH boilers from vehicles, turned them 90 ° and installed them on the Foundation at the previously prepared places. The space for operations was limited to pits on the site. The total weight of the installed equipment is 350 tons.

Route: Germany-Kazakhstan
Distance: 7000 km
Cargo: Boilers 85 240 kg / 5 PCs
dimensions: 10.76 x 4.52 x 4.79




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